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With the rapid development of China’s economy, the development of Chinese film and television  has made the long-term progress. Under the drive of modern information technology and network technology, the spread of film and television has speeded up, the scope of communication has been expanded. The establishment of a unified copyright trade market can make external authorized clear, and avoid duplication of Internet copyright trading. Creation, trading, protection and management of  copyright are the lifeblood of the prosperity and development of China’s film industry.

Through the appropriate ways to maintain the producers’ interests, exploration of the copyright value of film and television and creation of film and television to promote the development of China’s film and television industry.

Because there is no publicly available copyright trading market, the film and television industry in China is in a state of disorder competition for a long time and fail to form effective industry chain. Therefore, the products related to film and television can not effectively allocate resources in the transformation process of commodity.

HCCFF is dedicated to create a fair and transparent copyright trade cloud platform to provide the basic cloud service platform for media organizations’ online trading, to provide new means of publicity for professional media organizations, and to provide more scientific product advice for institutional users to achieve a win-win situation.

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