Handle Climate Change Film Festival (HCCFF) is a comprehensive platform for governments, enterprises, NGOs, media and the public to exchange information, share resources and participate in actions. As the first film festival held in China concerns on climate change, it has been successfully held in Shenzhen for three session

The theme of HCCFF 2018 is Climate Communication and Public Participation. 1113 films from 90 countries and regions have been received. 6 long films and 6 short films have won the HCCFF Award. Beyond that, series of screening activities were held in primary and secondary schools and cinemas to help the public understand the importance of tackling climate change.

In addition, representatives of HCCFF Organizing Committee will attend the COP24 in Katowice, Poland, in early December.

Handle Climate Change Film Festival 2019, looking forward to your attention and participation!

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Handle Climate Change Film Festival 2015 Launch

March 23 is the "World Meteorological Day". To commemorate the establishment of the United Nations specialized agency—World Meteorological Organization (WMO), the meteorological department of each member state organizes a variety of public events on this day to promote meteorological science and arouse people's awareness of environment conservation.more
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